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Bubba Pizza Franchise & Company Information

Despite the presence of many large pizza stores, this company made a name for itself, establishing a solid brand identity.

In the beginning, Bubba Pizza faced quite some challenges, but today it has a good number of outlets in Australia, specifically Victoria.

Keep reading to learn about Bubba Pizza’s origin and more.

bubba pizza franchise company

History of Bubba Pizza

If you are in Australia, you cannot miss Bubba Pizza. But how did this legendary pizza company come into existence?

The origin of Bubba Pizza dates back to June 2000 when Roger Hopper, founder, and director, decided to introduce different pizzas in Melbourne and thus started offering high-quality pizzas at affordable prices.

His goal was to deliver yummies and well-made pizzas loaded with fresh and quality ingredients. What made Bubba Pizza different was its approach. They make fresh dough in the store daily so customers can get a quality base.

Bubba Pizza’s headquarters are at 4-123 Boronia Rd and Dorset Rd, Boronia Victoria, 3155, Australia. It’s a family-owned pizza franchise that has expanded from humble beginnings to becoming one of Melbourne’s favourite pizza stores.

The company is proud of its pizzas’ quality, taste, and look. The team of Bubba Pizza love what they do.

All the ingredients for making pizza are purchased from local suppliers to meet quality and taste standards. Bubba Pizza is a driven pizza company that aims to grow and offer only the most delicious pizzas to the people of Melbourne.

In 2004, Bubba Pizza introduced a gourmet range of pizza on its menu in the area. Their gourmet range includes premium pizzas like Pesto Chicken, Satay Chicken, Spicy Lamb, and more.

After opening their first franchise in 2005, the growth and success of Bubba Pizza increased even more. So, later in 2011 and 2012, the company made itself online for its customers by developing its app.

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How many Bubba Pizza stores are there in Australia?

After Bubba Pizza was founded in 2000 in Australia, the pizza store became popular for its delicious taste. So they came with an unquenchable appetite to increase the standard of pizza for the customers of Melbourne.

Over the years, Bubba Pizza has grown into a successful company by opening more than 20 stores across Australia. Bubba Pizza makes every occasion better with its delicious taste.

More than 60 employees work in this pizza store’s outlets across Australia.

How much does it cost to set up a Bubba Pizza franchise in Australia?

As Bubba Pizza is a successful pizza company in Australia, taking its franchise is profitable. So, if you wish to start a franchise, you can consider investing your time and money in Bubba Pizza.

While the exact cost of the Bubba Pizza franchise cannot be calculated as it depends on numerous factors, you would have to pay between $200,000 to $250,000 plus GST.

Depending on the store size, location, equipment required while setting up a store, and more, franchise costs will vary.

As a franchisee of Bubba Pizza, you need to interact with the local community for fresh ingredients. The franchisees must also interact with a large customer base to promote Bubba Pizza.

What kind of investment do you need to open a Bubba Pizza store?

To become a Bubba Pizza franchisee, you must have sufficient funds. The total investment for the franchise depends on the potential store’s location. It includes the equipment required, the size of the premises, and the general costs.

Remember that Bubba Pizza does not offer to finance, but the pizza company can help you get finance from trusted sources. In addition, they have a close relationship with brokers who can easily assist you with financing matters.

Do you need any prior experience to become a franchisee?

Having prior experience working in a fast food company can help you with your growth. But even if you have yet to gain relevant experience, you can still become one of Bubba Pizza’s successful franchisees.

This pizza company wants all its franchisees to be enthusiastic and passionate about the work. It’s one of the few ways to get accepted as a Bubba Pizza franchisee.

All the franchisees need to be actively involved in the daily store operations of Bubba Pizza. It’s important for the brand, customers, and company culture that the owners should be passionate about Bubba.

Ongoing costs of Bubba Pizza

There is not much ongoing cost for the Bubba Pizza franchise. Standard ongoing costs include: 

  • Staff wages
  • Stock
  • Royalty fees 

Before you get the Bubba Pizza franchise, remember that the company has non-negotiable royalty fees. That means if your Bubba Pizza franchise is very successful, you will still have to pay a flat royalty fee so you can sell more and earn more. 

What does Bubba Pizza initial training include?

As a Bubba Pizza franchisee, your initial training will include working in the Bubba store with one of the highly experienced store operators for four weeks.

After the training, once you have set up your store and it’s running, the team Bubba Pizza will work with you for a few weeks. It ensures everything is running smoothly and you can handle the work pressure without fail.

Is there any marketing or advertising fund?

Yes, Bubba Pizza has marketing and advertising funds for brand-building activity, sales promotions, and numerous marketing activities. No matter where you have started the store, the funds will be the same.

Bubba Pizza encourages all sorts of marketing strategies, from traditional to more contemporary styles. In addition, it also does annual radio campaigns with Nova 100.

Who are Bubba Pizza's competitors?

Bubba Pizza is one of the most renowned pizza stores in Melbourne. But it has a few competitors, including Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Johnny Boys, who are also local.

Bubba Pizza has been offering the most delicious pizzas for so many years. It follows a developed system of more than 14 years to run the company successfully. Its menu always stays relevant to the current Australian food trends.

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