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How to Calculate Your Next Crust Pizza Order

Do you know how to calculate how many pizzas you need for your next party or event? Look no further!… Our special calculator will ensure you get you’re next Crust Pizza order spot on! This handy tool makes it easy to determine precisely how much pizza you’ll need to feed your guests. 

Simply input the number of people attending, the number of adults versus children, and your preferred pizza sizes. The calculator will do the rest, providing you with a precise estimate of how many pizzas you should order. No more over or under ordering, and no more wasted food. 

Try our Crust Pizza’s pizza ordering calculator below to take the guesswork out of ordering for your next event.

* Prices may vary at some stores and on delivery service websites

crust pizza sizes

Which size pizza from a Crust Pizza order provides the best value for money?

When ordering pizza for a party or large group, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the best value for your dollar. That’s why we’re here to help you compare the two most popular options from Crust Pizza: the Large Pizza (11 inches) and the Extra Large Pizza (13 inches).

Pizza Size Comparison

Let’s begin by looking closer at each size of pizza. When we compare the 11-inch pizza to the 13-inch pizza, we can see that the areas of the two pizzas are 95 sq inches compared to 133 sq inches. (I’m using inches for simplicity). 

Size Comparison: The extra large pizza, while only 2 inches large in diameter, is 40 per cent (38/95 x 100) larger than the Large Crust Pizza. 

How does the increase in size compare to cost?

Lets’s now look at the cost of pizzas from both the Crust Pizza ‘Classic’ and’ Signature’ range: 

Classic Range: 

  • Large pizza – $15.00 
  • Extra Large pizza – $18.00 

Price Comparison: The Extra Large Pizza is (3/15 x 100) = 20 per cent more expensive than the Large. 

Signature Range: 

  • Large pizza – $20.00 
  • Extra Large pizza – $24.00 

Price Comparison: The Extra Large Pizza is also (4/20 x 100) = 20 per cent more expensive than the Large. 

So we can see that by ordering an Extra Large Pizza from Crust Pizza, we get 40 per cent more pizza for only 20 per cent extra.

Crust Pizza cost per bite

To get an even more accurate value for money indicator, we can calculate each pizza’s cost per bite. Let’s assume (because I’ve measured it) that one human bite is roughly equivalent to 1.55 square inches. So, for example, the 11-inch medium pizza has roughly 95 square inches of surface area, while an 13-inch large pizza has 133 square inches of surface area. That means that the cost per bite is as follows:

Classic Range:

  • Large – $0.24
  • Extra Large – $0.21

Signature Range:

  • Large – $0.32
  • Extra Large – $0.28

So, as you can see, the extra large pizza offers better value for money by 3 and 4 cents per bite over the Large pizza, which in both the classic and signature range is 12.5% better value.


So there you have it: the extra large Pizza at Crust Pizza in both ranges is better value for money. When ordering for large groups it makes sense to order the largest size possible. If you’re ordering just for yourself, the decision will probably just come down to how much pizza you can eat alone and how much you want to be eating leftovers the next day. Hopefully our calculator will help with your next Crust Pizza order.

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