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Frozen McCain Pizza - A Review of the BBQ Meatlovers Pizza

Do you like BBQ Meatlovers pizzas? If yes, the McCain frozen BBQ Family Meatlovers Pizza could be for you. But how does it taste, and will it feed a whole family? Read my review to find out.

McCain Pizza

How much does the McCain Pizza Cost?

The McCain frozen ‘Family Pizza’ range are available from most supermarkets. I got mine from Coles for $7.50. Other toppings available were Ham & Pineapple, Supreme, Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken & Pineapple, Cheese & Bacon and Margherita.

Size Matters

As with any pizza worth its sauce, size matters. This frozen McCain BBQ frozen pizza measures in at 11 inches which is pretty decent but is far from being large enough to feed an entire family; in fact, I finished 3/4 of the BBQ pizza in one sitting and wasn’t even overly hungry. So if you’re looking for a pizza to feed your family, you’ll need to buy more than one of these frozen pizzas. 

If we compare the size of the McCain BBQ pizza to most takeaway pizza shops, this pizza would be classed as a medium pizza (La Porchetta, Johnny Boys, Town and Country), large pizza (Pizza Hut, Crust Pizza, Pizza Capers) or something in between. Family pizzas are usually in the order of 15 inches in diameter.


The meat on top of the pizza was soft and flavourful but lacked that extra punch in taste. There needed to be more sauce, too, so if you’re a fan of lots of sauce on your pizza, then be prepared to have some extra BBQ sauce handy. The ham was okay but nothing special in terms of flavour.

McCain BBQ Pizza

Baking a frozen McCain Pizza

I cooked my frozen McCain BBQ Meatlovers Pizza in a conventional oven at 210 degrees Celsius for 14 minutes (recommended cooking time being 10-12 minutes). It looked delicious, but the base, although relatively thin, was a little bland and doughy. 

I cooked my pizza on a tray and may have gotten better results by placing the pizza straight onto the oven rack (as recommended on the pack for a crispier crust). A pizza stone would also a good option for a crispier crust.

Nutritional Information

One quarter (one serving) of a whole McCAIN BBQ MeatLovers pizza contains:

  • 311 Calories
  • 14.5 G protein
  • 12.1 g fat 
  • 34.4 g carbohydrates
  • 513 g Sodium 

If you’re watching your diet or are health conscious, there may be better choices you could make.


The McCain BBQ Meatlovers Pizza is an okay choice if you’re after a cheap, quick meal or want something tasty to share with friends over drinks. However, ensure you’ve got lots of extra sauce handy and remember to add a few additional minutes of baking time!

Of course, nutritional-wise, these may not be ideal for everyone, so health-conscious people should opt for another alternative. But overall, this pizza is worth keeping in the freezer and trying at least once. Just don’t expect to feed your whole family with one pizza!

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