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Coles Frozen Pizza Review

Everyone loves pizza. There’s no doubt about that. But what about frozen supermarket pizzas? Are they any good? In this article, we’ll compare two different types of frozen pizza; both sold in Coles Supermarkets – Coles home brand pizza and Street Pizza. 

We’ll look at each type’s price, taste, and nutritional value and decide which is the best. So, if you’re curious about our Coles frozen pizza review, keep reading!

Coles Brand Vs Street Pizza - Hawaiian (Tropical)

Coles Frozen Pizza Hawaiian Review

For all the pizza-loving purists out there, I get it; pineapple doesn’t belong on a pizza. But, understandably, the great debate rages on and is a popular yet polarizing topic that shows no signs of abating. So if talking about pineapple is like fingernails down a blackboard, it might be best to skip ahead to the BBQ Meat Lovers review below.

Now that all the purists have skipped ahead, let’s compare the two brands of frozen Hawaiian or Tropical pizza available in Coles supermarkets; Coles brand and Street Pizza.

What size are Coles frozen pizzas?

All of the pizzas we tested, home brands and Street Pizza, measured in at 9 inches. These frozen pizzas are the same size as a medium pizza from Pizza Hut or a small pizza from La Porchetta, Johnny Boys, Bubba Pizza, and Pizza Capers. 

Cole Frozen Pizza Size

How much does a Coles frozen pizza cost?

Like most Coles home brand products, the Coles home brand pizza looks after the wallet. The standard prices are:

    • Cole home brand frozen pizza – $4.00
    • Frozen Street Pizza – $10.80

Out of the Packet

Packaging is identical for both pizza brands; you’d swear the pizzas were boxed and wrapped in plastic at the same factory!

The Coles pizza bases are very similar to the Street Pizza bases in terms o size and appearance. Toppings seemed more generous on the Coles home brand pizza, but this could vary from pizza to pizza. The toppings were a little clumped in the middle and a bit thin on the outside, so it’s worth a few moments to get the toppings even.

Frozen Street Pizza from Coles

Cooking Time and Temperature

The following is the cooking temperature and time for each Coles and Street Pizza.

    • Coles Pizza – 230 deg (210 deg fan forced) for 12-13 min
    • Street Pizza – 200 deg (180 deg fan forced) for 9-11 min

As I was cooking both pizza brands at once, I decided to opt for the higher temperature and cooking time. I would have normally gone for a much higher temperature, but I wanted to follow the recommended guidelines.

I checked all pizzas after 13 minutes and found that they all needed a few minutes longer. The 9-11 minutes cooking time for the Street Pizza was insufficient at the higher temperature, so I could imagine how underdone it would be at 200 degrees. In the end I removed the pizzas out of the oven after 15 minutes.

Coles Frozen Hawaiian Pizza Cooked
Coles home brand Hawaiian pizza
Street Pizza Hawaiian Cooked
Tropical Hawaiian Street Pizza

Coles Frozen Hawaiian Pizza Nutrition

Which is the healthiest pizza? Neither pizza would fit into the healthy category by any stretch of the imagination, but if we break it down into macros and calories, the Street Pizza is the least bad!

Calories – 1/4 of a pizza
– Coles – 285 kCal
– Street Pizza – 185 kCal

Saturated Fat
– Coles – 3.4g
– Street Pizza – 2.8g

– Coles 37.4g
– Street Pizza 23.2g

Sodium (Salt)
– Coles 610g
– Street Pizza 280g

Coles Frozen Pizza BBQ review

We also tested the BBQ Meat Lovers Pizza simultaneously with the Hawaiian. All up, I cooked a total of four pizzas for my three hungry teens. They devowed three whole pizzas between them, so it’s fair to say that one of them should be enough for the average eater. The cooking time and temperature was the same as for the Hawaiian pizzas described above.

Coles Frozen Meat Lovers Pizza Cooked
Coles home brand BBQ Meat Lovers Pizza
BBQ Meatlovers Street Pizza Cooked
Street Pizza - BBQ Meat Lovers

Coles Frozen BBQ Meat Lovers Pizza Nutrition

The BBQ Meat Lovers pizza follows the same trend as the Hawaiian. Coles brand again takes the prizes for being the least healthiest.

Calories – 1/4 of a pizza
– Coles – 278 kCal
– Street Pizza – 215 kCal

Saturated Fat
– Coles – 3.1g
– Street Pizza – 3.3g

– Coles 35.1g
– Street Pizza 26.0g

Sodium (Salt)
– Coles 740g
– Street Pizza 392g

The Coles and Street Pizza taste test

Coles Frozen Pizza vs Street Pizza Hawaiian Cooked

These are the results of the taste test with my kids. They are pizza lovers and enjoy trying out new pizza recipes. Overall, all three rated this experience a resounding meh! Here are the results.

Hannah (19)

Hayden (17)

Nathan (14)


Coles Hawaiian

6/10 – Average taste has more toppings than the Street Pizza

6.5/10 – Meh! Wheres the flavour?

6/10 – Crust is soft and doesnt have much taste.


Tropical Street Pizza

5/10 – Average taste not nearly enough cheese or other toppings

7/10 – More flavour than Coles but lacks toppings.

6.5/10 – Crispier crust, better flavour sauce, nicer ham.


Coles BBQ Meat Lovers

6/10 – Average in taste, not really distinguishable from the Street Pizza

7/10 – Ok, suffiecient toppings but not much flavour

6.5/10 – Ok, cant tell the difference really


Street Pizza – BBQ Meat Lovers

6/10 – Tastes the same as the Coles Pizza

8.5/10 – Not bad, cheesier & more flavour than the Coles. Need more toppings.

6.5/10 – Can’t tell the difference 


Coles Frozen Pizza Review - The Verdict

The final verdict for these pizzas comes down to two questions. First, would I ever get these pizzas again, and if so, which pizza would I choose, the Street Pizza or Coles home brand?

The answer is yes, I would buy frozen pizza again, but only as a convenience to have in the freezer when there’s nothing else to eat. Frozen pizza just does not come close to fresh pizza.
Coles or Street Pizza? The answer is Coles, for sure. Although Street Pizza is slightly more flavoursome, it’s hard to justify 2-3 times the price for a pizza with fewer toppings and only marginally more flavour.

On the other hand, if I were conscious of my weight and still wanted to eat pizza, I would choose Street Pizza, but only purchase it when they are on special. $10.80 is just too much for average frozen pizza.

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