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Domino's Franchise & Company Information

Domino’s Pizza is the most loved pizza chain worldwide. This company originated the concept of the fastest pizza delivery with a “30 minutes or less” delivery time.

While Domino’s started as a single store in Michigan, today, it has thousands of outlets. But just like any other company, Domino’s has also gone through tough times before reaching the success it has today.

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Hitsory of Domino's Pizza

Domino’s Pizza originated in 1960 when two brothers named James, and Tom Monaghan bought a small pizza store called Dominick’s in Michigan. Both brothers ran the store until James decided to sell his share.

Later, Tom purchased two more pizzerias and wanted them to share the same branding. But he revamped the image and changed the name of those pizzerias to Domino’s Pizza in 1965.

Presently, Domino’s Pizza is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This pizza company’s logo has three dots representing the original three stores in 1965.

Tom even wished to add a new dot for each new store he opened. But this idea couldn’t be implemented because his pizza business expanded rapidly.

In fact, by the 1970s, Domino’s Pizza had around 200 franchises in the USA. Then in 1983, the pizza company decided to go global by opening its first international branch in Winnipeg.

As the company expanded, it added varieties to its menu. But earlier, Domino’s Pizza only had one type of pizza crust that was made by tossing and pulling the dough.

In 1990, the company introduced more varieties to its menu by adding the first non-pizza item to the menu, i.e., chicken wings and breadsticks. Then a couple of years later, Domino’s created its website to become digitally available for its customers.

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How many Domino's pizza stores are there in Australia?

The first Domino’s store was opened in Australia in Queensland in 1983. The company soon introduced home delivery so people could enjoy hot and delicious pizzas in the comfort of their homes.

Till this year, Domino’s Pizza has 745 stores in Australia. New South Wales has the most Domino’s stores in Australia (250 stores). This state has 34% of all Domino’s stores located in Australia.

26,000 employees work in all Domino’s Pizza stores across Australia. It’s safe to say that this pizza company has the largest network in Australia regarding the number of stores and sales.

How much does it cost to set up a new Franchise?

If you are interested in starting a franchise in Australia, you can give Domino’s Pizza franchise a shot. It is considered one of the most successful franchises in the food business in Australia.

The exact cost of opening a Domino’s franchise depends on many factors, including location, size of premises, landlord’s site contribution, type of equipment, and more. But on average, you need to pay $400,000 to $650,000 plus GST.

Similarly, existing Domino’s store costs can vary between $500,000 to $850,000 plus GST. But, again, this cost can vary on different factors like store performance and remaining Sub-Franchise Agreement Terms.

Once you have received the franchise agreement, you can open a Domino’s store in six months. But remember that each store and situation is different. That means the processing time may vary.

On average, you need eight weeks to complete the store build and training. Try cooperating with the Franchise team, so your application gets processed quickly.

How to apply to become a Domino's Franchisee?

The process of applying for Domino’s franchise involves multiple stages, including:

  • Enquiry stage: First, you must submit an online application called “expression of interest” through Domino’s website. 
  • Application Review: Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by Domino’s team. 
  • Phone Meeting: You will receive a call from the Franchise Recruitment Officer regarding your interest in getting a franchise. 
  • Face-to-Face Meeting: After the phone call, a meeting will be scheduled with the Franchise Development Manager, where you must submit a draft plan. In addition, you will be provided with store-specific data and discuss site selection. 
  • Orientation Assessment: You must attend the orientation assessment at your nearest franchise store. 

After selecting applicants, they start the franchise process by confirming the financing agreements, store location, cash flow, and franchise agreement. 

How much does it cost to purchase Domino's store?

The cost of buying a Domino’s store can vary on different factors like location and size of the store. The cost also depends on the level of equipment used. But anytime, you should be ready to pay $500,000 to $850,000 plus GST.

You can finance the money from a lender or a bank. Lenders can help you with up to 60% of the total cost. So, you need to pay a 40% investment via cash or equity.

Benefits of becoming a Domino's franchise

You can expect to get numerous benefits as a franchisee of Domino’s. At first, you get extensive training to run a successful business along with ongoing marketing support.

In addition, Domino’s offers most things, from site approval to fitting the specified equipment so you can successfully run the business.

Compared to other businesses, the risk of running a business as a Domino’s franchisee is significantly less. That’s because your business is backed by an international and well-recognized brand, Dominos.

At some point, getting a Domino’s franchise might also cost you less than setting up any other food business from scratch.

How to get approved as a Franchise for Domino's?

If you wish to get your Domino’s franchise accepted, you must: 

  • Have no other business: Domino’s only gives their franchise to people who can fully commit to their brand. Thus, the owners must not have any other form of employment. 
  • Be an Australian Resident: You can only get Domino’s franchise in Australia with an Australian permanent resident. 
  • Provide funds for due diligence: The initial cost for starting a new store is around $60,000. In addition, you should have sufficient funds for legal preparation fees. 

Domino’s has become a leading pizza company with thousands of stores worldwide. However, while the company became successful, it has kept the taste and quality of pizzas intact. 

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