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The 10 Best Pizza Oven Accessories for 2023

If you are the proud owner of a pizza oven, then you know that the sky is the limit when it comes to creating delicious pizzas. However, there are a few accessories that can take your pizza-making game to the next level. Here are 10 of the best pizza oven accessories on the market today. From baking stones to turning peels, these tools will help you make mouthwatering pizzas every time. Let’s get started!

Pizza Oven Accessory List

Wooden Pizza Peel

If you’re a pizza oven owner, then you know that creating the perfect pizza requires the perfect pizza tools. And one of the most important tools is a Wooden Pizza Peel. A peel is what you use to transfer your pizza from the counter to the pizza oven, and it’s important that it be made of wood bamboo or composite materials so that it doesn’t conduct heat and ruin your pizza. There are lots of different types and brands of peels available. The best selling and highest rating wooden pizza peel on Amazon is the Epicurean Pizza Board. These composite material peels come in timber and slate colours with two sizes 43x25cm and 58x35cm. We recommend the larger of the two as the small one can only handle small pizzas under 25cm in diameter. Anything larger and will you be losing ingredients off the size of your dough.

wooden pizza peel
Epicurean Pizza Board (Timber)
pizza oven accessories slate pizza peel
Epicurean Pizza Board (Slate)

Pizza Stone

For those looking for pizza perfection, there are several benefits of using a stone. Not only do they get extremely hot and evenly distribute the heat across its surface, but because these stones are porous, they also help draw moisture out from dough leaving you with crisp bases on your pizzas!

When making pizza, it is important to let the stone get really hot before using. This will cause an oven-like effect on your crust which makes for a crispier bottom and more tender dough overall! We also recommend dusting with cornmeal or flour so that you can prevent sticking. 

A popular and highly rated Pizza Stone on Amazon is the Culinary Couture. These pizza stones are 38cm (15inches) in diameter and almost 2cm thick with almost 80% 5 star reviews.  Theses stones are quite heavy due to their size and thickness sitting at a tad over 4k. This makes them a little difficult to handle, so if you think this might be an issue it would pay to look at a thinner stone such as the Navaris Pizza Stone.

stone pizza ovens
Culinary Couture Pizza Stone

Pizza Cutters

If you own a home pizza oven, then you know that getting the perfect slice can be tricky. That’s why using a pizza cutter is one of the essential pizza oven accessories for achieving those beautiful, perfect slices each and every time.

A pizza cutter is a kitchen tool used to cut pizzas. It can be made from a number of materials such as plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic. The most common type is the pizza cutter wheel type that has a circular blade on the end of a handle. 

The wheel allows the user to easily move the cutter around the pizza without leaving any uncut slices. There are also several other types of pizza cutters including the Pizza Cutter Rocker that can be used for small or large pizzas.

The AILUROPODA Pizza Cutter Rocker available from Amazon fits the bill nicely with a 16 inch blade that comes with a protective cover and blade sharpener. These pizza cutters are also great for use with other baked goodies such as cakes, cheese cakes and brownies.

See more in our review of Best Pizza Cutters for 2023.

Pizza Turning Peel

A metal peel is the best way to safely turn or remove your cooked pizza from a scorching hot pizza oven. Turning peels are a must-have in large pizza ovens allowing for easy manoeuvring of your pizza whilst preventing your hands from being burned.

A good turning peel will have a tapered edge for getting under the pizza and a round perforated head. 

The length of the handle you will require depends on the size of your oven and the depth of the pizza within. The larger the oven, the longer the handle you will need to keep your hands away from danger.

The Chef Pomodoro is a popular seller on Amazon as it comes in two lengths. 73cm is the standard length and it also has an extension which can lengthen the peel up to 120cm.


Pizza Oven Gloves

Pizza Oven gloves are one of the best pizza oven accessories for anyone who enjoys making homemade pizza. Not only do they protect your hands from the heat of the oven, but they also keep them clean. There are a variety of oven gloves available on the market, so it can be difficult to choose the right pair. 

A good old fashioned pair of oven mitts can most likely do the job if you’re looking for protection while removing hot pots from an oven. If you intend to do some BBQ cooking with added protection or working around campfire, then a fingered glove is a better option as it not only provides the same thermal protection but also is better for gripping utensils and tools.

If you’re reaching over hot coals often it is also advisable to look for gloves that are a bit longer providing better forearm coverage.

We like the Inkbird BBQ Grill Gloves which claim to provides protection against 800 deg Celsius temperatures for 7-10 seconds although we’re not game to put this to the test.  These gloves come in one amply sized glove which may not be suitable for really small hands.

pizza oven gloves
Inkbird BBQ Grill Gloves

Portable Pizza Oven Table

Picture this: You’ve just spent a fortune on the perfect pizza oven for your home. It’s a beautiful, stainless steel beast that takes up a lot of counter space. But what good is it if you can’t use it all the time? That’s where a movable steel table comes in handy. A simple, general-purpose table with wheels can easily be converted into a mobile workstation for your pizza oven. Suddenly, you’re able to cook pizzas like a pro without sacrificing any precious kitchen real estate! 

Ooni have created a purpose built portable oven table which is ideal for their range of Ooni Pizza Ovens. Many pizza ovens require a surface greater than 60cm in depth which the Ooni table offers at an ample 80x80cm.

Pizza Oven Cleaning Brush

Home pizza oven owners know the importance of keeping their oven clean. Not only does a clean oven produce better-tasting pizza, but it’s also necessary for the oven to operate at its best.
One of the most important pizza tools for keeping your pizza oven clean is a good brush and scraping tool. A quality brush and scraper will help clean your pizza stone board and oven of food particles that can build up on your oven’s surface.

We recommend the Ooni Pizza Brush which has stainless steels bristles and scraper built in to the tip.

Pizza Spinners

A pizza spinner is a pizza tool used in most pizzerias to turn the dough quickly so it can be cooked directly on an open-hearth oven. The long handle protects you from getting too close, while two or three teeth – called “tynes” help move and lift pizzas up for checking both turns as well as lifting them out when done cooking. The spinners are also great for popping any bubbles in the crust that rise up while cooking.

pizza spinner
Cuisinart Stainless Steel Pizza Spinners

Infrared Thermometer

Owners of a pizza ovens know that the key to making perfect pizza is preheating the oven and using a baking stone. But how can you tell if your oven is hot enough? With an infrared thermometer! This handy tool lets you take the temperature of your oven quickly and easily, so you can be sure your pizza will come out perfectly every time. We like the SOVARCATE infrared thermometer which comes with a temperature probe which is great when cooking meats.

A Good Pizza Cookbook

Cooking pizza at home in your pizza oven is a great way to cook a delicious, fresh pizza. But how do you know how to create the perfect pizza every time? The best way to learn is by using a pizza cook book specifically designed for home pizza ovens. ‘PIZZA: The Ultimate Cookbook’ will teach you everything you need to know about cooking pizzas in your oven, from choosing the right toppings to creating the perfect crust. With this cookbook, you’ll be able to create over 300 delicious pizzas recipes that everyone will love!

pizza accessories how to cook a pizza
800 Pages, 300 recipes

So, there you have it – all the different types of pizza accessories that are out there. Whether you’re in the market for a new pizza cutter or just want to know what your options are, we hope this list has been helpful!

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