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Pizza Inn Franchise & Company Information

Join the Pizza Inn family if you’ve been considering opening your pizzeria and managing your own company without being completely independent. Pizza Inn franchise wants to expand in the Sydney region.

They are constantly looking for new locations and stores. Still, they are also interested in talking to existing restaurant owner-operators who might be interested in joining the Pizza Inn family with an already-established site.

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History of Pizza Hut

A modest family pizza shop debuted in the Sydney neighbourhood of Bexley North in 1978. Its success from the start demonstrated a market for handcrafted, classic Italian-style pizza prepared fresh to order.

In 1985, Rudy Arbolino and Vito Russo opened Pizza Inn after coming to this conclusion. Back then, they knew they needed to set Pizza Inn apart from the competition. As a result, pizza quality, not quantity, has always been the focus.

Pizza Inn has been around for almost 50 years, and the secret to their success is a dough recipe that dates back to Rudy’s aunt’s bakery/pizzeria in a quiet neighbourhood of Naples.

PIZZA INN’s signature tomato sauce is a blend of herbs and spices that pairs perfectly with the classic dough base, and the pizzas are topped with only the freshest ingredients.

The original pizza dough and sauce recipes are being utilized today to guarantee consistent, delicious results. Each Pizza Inn location is owned and run by a franchisee whose founders have personally trained to uphold the high standards they established.

Pizza Inn takes great satisfaction in serving you some of the freshest and finest pizzas, ribs, pasta, wings, sides, nachos, desserts, and more in the industry, all in the classic Napoletana style.

How many Pizza Inn restaurants in Australia?

They have 11 stores spread across

  • Bexley North
  • Cessnock
  • Charmhaven
  • Edgeworth
  • Gosford
  • Liverpool
  • Long Jetty
  • Minto
  • Mt Hutton
  • Terrigal
  • Tuggerah

How much does it cost to set up a new franchise?

The following are the franchise fees, which are due in two instalments:

$25,000 for a new franchise
Transfer of Franchise: $12,500
Administration costs for any applications cancelled within the cooling-off period are $5000.00.

How to apply become a Pizza Inn franchise?

Print out the franchise application form, fill it out with your information, and then call Rudy Arbolino at 1800 624 323 or 0414 921 624 to submit it.

Ongoing costs

In addition to 5% of online sales being charged to cover the cost of operating the online ordering system, a fixed recurring royalty fee monthly covers the cost of management, development, and support for franchisees.

Benefits if becoming a Pizza Inn franchise

Along with an established name in the marketplace that has been serving Sydney and the Central Coast for the past 35 years, you get the following benefits:

  • Permission to run a Pizza Inn restaurant
  • Initial and continuing instruction in all facets of running a business Support for local marketing and advertising
  • Consultation on business development and field assistance
  • Ongoing development and research
  • Support for restaurant layout design
  • Volume pricing, proprietary goods, and a lot more

How to get approved as a franchise?

It would be helpful to have prior commercial success, managerial experience, and training expertise. You should also be able to work well enough with their organisation, adhere to the Pizza Inn System, and complete the project on schedule.


How much does it cost to open a Pizza Inn?

The price varies according to size and location. Their Franchise Documents contain more details on this subject.

Who decides where my Pizza Inn will be situated?

You can search for a suitable spot together in your chosen place. They provide direction and counsel, but a Pizza Inn representative must approve the proposed location.

How much will it cost to promote and advertise?

Pizza Inn currently runs on a model of pay-as-you-go. This will shortly be replaced by a marketing fund that will charge fees for collective marketing, advertising, and promotional activities at 2% of weekly gross sales.

Does Pizza Inn offer demographic information for the area where I might build?

Yes, even though they partially rely on your familiarity with the region you intend to develop, they will give you demographic data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) that may aid in your assessment of those regions.

Does Pizza Inn offer to fund the construction of restaurants?

Pizza Inn does not offer to finance, sorry. However, they can offer details on lending organisations ready to discuss finance with potential franchisees.

How much can I expect to earn?

During the discovery process, they strongly advise all potential franchisees to undertake extensive due diligence and ask existing franchisees about their marketing, finances, sales volume, operations, etc. The franchisee’s management skills and capacity to increase sales and keep expenses in check all play a role in determining the business’s financial success or failure.

A franchise disclosure document: What is it?

This contract thoroughly explains the franchised business, the necessary financial commitments, and the respective rights and responsibilities under the franchise agreement. It also includes illustrations of the contracts you’ll sign when applying to be a franchisee.

What specifications will there be for training?

Before starting a restaurant, franchisees must complete an orientation program with Pizza Inn. The course combines classroom instruction and real-world practice in running a PIZZA INN restaurant.

How can I tell if owning a Pizza Inn franchise is the correct move for me?

A Pizza Inn franchise is not suitable for everyone, much like owning and operating any other business. You must be prepared to work a lot of overtime and have experience in business development, marketing, and personnel management. Strong motivational, communication and customer service abilities are also crucial in this industry. The Pizza Inn business opportunity might be lucrative for the appropriate person or organisation.

Will I get help with opening and continuous support?

Once you’ve paid the franchise fee and signed the agreement with Pizza Inn, you’ll get help running your business immediately. You’ll get support on-site both before and after opening. Their operations department will be available to you at all times to help you with your business operations. Franchise business consultants typically visit restaurants to provide advice and do quality checks. Additionally, you can consult with your business counsellor whenever you want to discuss any business-related issues.

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