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Pizza Hut Ordering - How Many Pizzas Do You Need?

Do you need to order pizza for a party but don’t know how many pizzas to get? Or maybe you’re just curious about how many pizzas different-sized gatherings would need. Well, never fear because the Pizza Hut ordering calculator is here! 

With a few simple clicks, you can figure out exactly how many pizzas to order for your event – whether a small family gathering or a large-scale party. So go ahead and try out our calculator today!

* Prices may vary at some stores and on delivery service websites

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Which size pizza offers the best value when ordering for a party?

When ordering catering for a party, you want to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. That’s why we’re here to help you compare the two most popular options from Pizza Hut: the medium and large pizzas.

Pizza Size Comparison

To start with, let’s take a look at the size of each pizza. For example, a medium Pizza Hut pizza in Australia is 9 inches in diameter, while a large pizza is 11 inches. That means that a large pizza is almost 50% larger in area than a medium pizza. But what does that mean in terms of cost?

A classic medium pizza from Pizza Hut costs $9.95, while a large pizza costs $10.95. That means that a large pizza is approximately 10% more expensive than a medium pizza. But remember, the large pizza is also 50% larger. So paying 10% extra for 50% more pizza seems worth the cost. But let’s look even further.

Pizza Hut cost per bite

To get an accurate value for money indicator, we’ll calculate each pizza’s cost per bite. We’ll assume that one human bite is roughly equivalent to 10 cm squared or 1.55 square inches. So, for example, a 9-inch medium pizza has almost 64 square inches of surface area, while an 11-inch large pizza has 95 square inches of surface area. That means that the cost per bite of a medium pizza is $0.24, while the cost per bite of a large pizza is $0.18

So, as you can see, the large pizza offers better value for money by 6 cents per bite which is 33% better value.

What about the Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizza?

The Pizza Hut Personal Pan pizzas are a lunchtime menu option, but I wanted to throw it into the equation anyway. A Personal Pan Pizza is 6 inches in diameter, which puts it at around 45% the size of a Medium pizza. Unfortunately, most Personal Pan prices sit at approximately 45% of the cost of a Medium pizza resulting in no real benefit or negative over choosing the Personal Pan over the Medium.

However, though the cost per bite for Personal Pan and Medium pizzas at Pizza Hut are very similar, the Personal Pan loses due to the ratio of crust to toppings being much higher. Nevertheless, if you love your pizza crusts or are looking for a quick snack, then the Personal Pan from Pizza Hut might be a worthwhile option.


So there you have it: the large Pizza Hut pizza is the clear winner when it comes to value for money. So the next time you order catering for a party, keep this in mind—your guests will thank you!

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