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Domino's Online Order - How many pizzas do you need?

Are you planning a party and need a large Domino’s online order? Or maybe you’re just really hungry and want to try out every Domino’s pizza flavour while getting the best value for money. Either way, we can help you figure out how many pizzas you need. Just use our handy calculator below!

* Prices may vary at some stores and on delivery service websites

Dominos Pizza Sizes

Is it always more economical to buy the largest pizzas?

It’s a debate as old as time itself: is it more economical to buy the extra large Domino’s pizza or two large Domino’s pizzas? 

It all comes down to a matter of pizza choice and circumstances. Of course, the large pizza is the way to go if you’re feeding a large group of people. This is especially true if ordering the premium range of pizzas. On the other hand, the benefits are significantly reduced if you’re selecting from the Value Range and, depending on numbers, could even cost more.

For example, feeding ten adults would require five large pizzas or four extra large pizzas. Selecting the extra large in the Value or Value Max range would cost one to three dollars more, but could save you around $6 if choosing from Domino’s Premium pizza range. 

If you are ready to make a Domino’s Pizza order online, simple click on the Menulog link below and enter your address. Or alternatively give them a call on 131 888.

How much is Domino's Pizza delivery?

Domino’s Pizza have a 7% delivery service fee (capped at $4) which applies to all pizza deliveries Monday through to Saturday. A 10% surcharge applies on Sundays and a 15% surcharge applies on public holidays. The minimum delivery order amount is $22.

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