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Crust Pizza Franchise & Company Information

While there are so many pizza stores in Australia, customers are always excited to welcome new stores with open arms. So, they accepted Crust Pizza; a new pizza store launched many years ago.

Unlike a traditional pizza store, Crust Pizza offers a variety in its menu, attracting customers of all kinds. So whether you like pizzas, salads, or subs, you will get everything at Crust Pizza.

crust pizza franchise company

Crust Pizza History

Crust Pizza is a relatively new pizza store, started in 2001 in Annandale, New South Wales, by Costa Anastasiadis and Michael Logos. The company began to offer the most delicious and yummy gourmet pizza to the customers of Australia.

As Crust Pizza soon became popular among customers, the company opened more chains shortly after in Richmond, Victoria.

Crust Pizza is known for its innovative and delicious products and gourmet pizza flavours.

It’s not wrong to say that Crust Pizza has taken the pizza industry by storm with its delicious range of pizzas. These include Peri Peri Chicken Pizza and more.

Today, Crust Pizza has established itself as a market leader with its unique approach. It is one of the first QSR brands to offer low-carb and gluten-free bases since 2015. Soon after, it started offering vegan cheese and continued to dominate the pizza trends market.

Crust Pizza is one of the few names that stay on the top for plant-based protein and vegan pizza ranges. In fact, the vegan pizzas of Crust Pizza came as finalists in the 2022 Vegan Nourish Awards.

The team of Crust Pizza is obsessed with quality over quantity. They use only fresh and real ingredients to make each of their pizzas equally delicious and yummy.

Crust Pizza does everything from hand rolling and cutting the pizza dough, slicing fresh onions, seasoning fresh chicken and lamb to more.

How many Crust Pizza stores are there in Australia?

Crust Pizza is one of the most renowned gourmet pizza stores in Australia. The company partners with local communities to bring fresh ingredients for their pizza to serve their customers the best.

When Crust Pizza started in 2001, it had many competitors. But now, the company has more than 120 fully functioning stores across Australia. 

Hundreds of employees work all across the outlets of Crust Pizza to maintain the smooth and proper functioning of the company. The quality and experience of Crust Pizza have helped it gain an edge in the market.

How much does it cost to set up a new Crust Pizza franchise?

If you want to start your career in the food industry without working from scratch, consider getting a franchise. Of all the food businesses, Crust Pizza is doing well in the Australian market.

So, you can get its franchise. But how much does it cost? Well, the exact setup cost of the Pizza Crust franchise is difficult to predict as it depends on various factors. But on average, you should be ready to pay between $375,000 to $450,000 (excluding GST but including the initial franchise fee).

Crust Pizza aims to open its tasty pizza franchise in every capital city of Australia.

The potential franchisee will get advertising and marketing assistance with product development information with the training.

How to open a franchise with Crust Pizza?

Crust Pizza franchise is a hot topic in Australia because this pizza company stands out in the industry with its family-oriented approach.

If you decide to set up a franchise with Crust Pizza, you must research properly. It will help you understand whether or not the selected area has the scope for Crust Pizza development. If the area seems to be profitable, move forward.

Try performing due diligence before signing any contract or raising funds to see if the franchise opportunity is right for you. In this process, you can also reach out to the existing franchisee of Crust Pizza to know whether or not it is a profitable business.

Once your franchise application is accepted, you will get the mandatory training so you get ready to make the yummiest pizzas in Australia.

After you have signed the franchise, you will need around 8-12 weeks to open the door for customers. Make sure you have found the right site for the store and have discussed everything with the local council to avoid complications in the near future.

Ongoing cost of Crust Pizza

As a franchisee of Crust Pizza, your ongoing costs will include the following:

  • Employee salary 
  • Stock
  • Loan repayments and more 

Before you get the Crust Pizza franchise, remember that this pizza company has an owner/operator franchise system. That means one of the partners must have half of the franchise’s ownership and be completely involved in the day-to-day work. 

Benefits of becoming a Crust Pizza franchise

As a Crust Pizza franchise, you can expect to get numerous benefits. Firstly you will get the extensive training of four weeks to successfully run the pizza franchise without fail. With that, you will get the best ongoing marketing support.

Crust Pizza does not require its franchisees to go through a draining process. The steps are straightforward. You can get the franchise permit if you have the space, funds, and passion for running the store.

Indeed there is a risk in operating a business, but as a franchisee of Crust Pizza, the risk is low. Crust Pizza is an established name in the Australian pizza market with its gourmet range of delicious pizzas.

Crust Pizza is a reliable name in the Australian pizza industry. It offers the most delicious and yummiest pizzas at an affordable price. You can consider getting its franchise to run a profitable business.

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