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Mobile Pizza Catering Perth

Are you planning a function and need catering? Why not consider pizza? Perth has some great mobile pizza catering businesses, and they can bring the delicious taste of Italy to your event. So what are you waiting for? Check out these top mobile pizza caterers for 2023!

The Fire Truck - Pizza Catering Perth

Perth pizza catering

A family of pizza enthusiasts owns the Fire Truck, and they aim to provide the best pizzas in town. 

Their pizzas are wood-fired with a traditional, healthy aroma and a distinct flavour. Pizza Catering Perth WA has chefs with years of experience and training in party pizza catering, so your event’s catering will be in safe hands!

Their pizza catering truck was converted from an actual fire truck that was retired from the service. They spent months re-developing it, installing a wood-fired oven, fryers and fridges and other amenities.

The result is a mobile kitchen that can handle all sorts of pizza catering needs.

You know the food is fresh from the oven because it’s prepared right there, on-site. 

Prices start from $20 per head with a minimum of 30 guest but it is best to contact them directly for a quote. 

Phone: 08 9468 8008

Address: Perth, WA, 6000


pizza catering perth
perth pizza catering

Porta Pizza Mobile Wood-Fired Pizzeria

perth pizza catering

When it started in 2011, Porta Pizza was a small family-owned and operated pizza caterer. Then they began with a catering trailer in 2013, after which they had to add one more setup owing to the increase in demand. Then in 2016, they started with their first food truck that had a unique slide-out pizza oven that is working to date.

Porta Pizza serves authentic Neapolitan pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven and has a wood-fired pizza’s traditional taste and flavour. 

They provide mobile pizza catering for all events, from birthday parties and weddings to corporate events with a minimum of 50 guests up to a maximum of 150.

Porta Pizza have different packages that are suitable for various events and require the minimum order on Fridays to Sundays from October to April is $1800. Events taking place on other days of the week and at lunch are negotiable.

Phone: 0419 868 489

Address: Pizza Shop 90 South St Murdoch Murdoch University, Bldg 430 enter at Car Park No. 4, Next to IGA


mobile pizza catering perth
pizza party perth

Cicciobello Pizza Catering Perth

pizza caterers perth

Cicciobello Pizza Catering Perth is another family-owned pizza service. They began with takeaway stores in Claremont and Shenton Park winning many awards before expanding into pizza truck catering. 

Their pizza catering service can either be waitered, moving amongst your guest delivery pizza, or a buffet style where guests line up at tables to help themselves. 

Cicciobello’s large selection of toppings allow them to make a variety of different & yummy pizzas catering for everyone’s taste

These guys also offer free desserts! Dessert pizzas are served once everyone is done with the main courses. They also leave behind pizzas for any late arrivals or you to munch on when you are hungry later.

Cicciobello Pizza have different packages with different prices depending on the number of guests and the size of your event. Their first package is for 30 to 87 guests, costing $700 for the first thirty guests and $20 per head for each additional guest.

87 – 110+ guests is $1850 for 130 pizzas and functions with over 130 guests will set you back $2000 for 150 pizzas. 

Phone: 0411 160 443

Address: U5/125 Garling St, O’Connor WA 6163, Australia


woodfire pizza perth
perth mobile pizza catering

Pizza Lab - Pizza Catering Perth

mobile pizza catering perth

Pizza Lab is a pizza catering service in Perth. They specialise in making Neapolitan sourdough pizza. 

Their ingredients and toppings are sourced locally to keep their pizzas fresh and retain their characteristic taste. They make pizzas that are simplistic, modern, and tasteful. They also have excellent customer service, and they provide food that is restaurant quality for all your events.

Their price is a simple $25 per head with a minimum charge of $800 for 2-3 hours with one waiter. Additional waiters are $100.  In addition, they have a wide range of flavours on their menu, offering flavours to satisfy all taste buds and preferences. With prior notice, they can serve vegan and vegetarian pizzas and gluten-free bases for those who have any dietary restrictions.

Pizza lab is completely self sufficient, only requiring a 9 square meters outdoor area and access to a power point. Pizza Lab offer their pizza catering for events up to 120 people and service the whole Perth metro area.

Phone: 0401 828 869

Address: Pizza Catering Perth, Western Australia.


pizza catering perth
catering pizza

Nunzio's Mobile Pizza

wood fire pizza catering Perth

Nunzio Mobile Pizza is a wood fire pizza catering Perth service. Owned and operated by Nunzio himself, he has vast expertise in the field having won many awards and accolations including  the world pizza-maker prize and has even served the Pope!

If you opt for catering from Nunzio’s Pizza, Nunzio or one of his (equally qualified) chefs will reach the location and set up an hour before your event. They have a mobile pizzeria with a woodstone wood-fired oven in a trailer. 

Nunzio provides pizza catering for any event; fairs, sporting events, pizza party catering, business promotions, corporate events, bucks parties, festivals, conferences, etc.

The minimum charge for any event is $1350 for a minimum of 50 guests. This includes 2 hours of pizza supply cooked by a single chef. If the time exceeds 2 hours, there will be an additional cost of $200 per hour. Public holidays will also incur a 20% surcharge. 

Phone: 0412 912 964 or 0408 951 394

Address: 73 Walters Dr, Osborne Park WA 6017, Australia


mobile pizza caterer perth
perth mobile pizza

Spin Catering - Mobile Woodfired Pizza Catering

Spin Catering has been operational since 1994, and have collected a lot of experience cooking pizzas over these years. 

They believe that the little things make the best pizzas such as ingredients and how the dough is made. This is why their doughs are prepared by hand and not by using a rolling pin. Additionally they only use the freshest and best quality ingredients for their toppings.

You can choose between simplistic pizzas and more decorated ones. The simple toppings can consist of a perfect combination of three ingredients. Or, you could have more complex toppings like their Supreme flavour. 

Along with pizzas, their pizza catering menu also includes gourmet wood-fired finger food that is likely to compliment your chosen menu. 

Spin Catering requires you to have a minimum of 50 guests at your event for mobile pizza catering, and it will cost around $20 per head. If the number of your guests exceeds 50, the per head charge will then be $15 for each extra person. 

Woodfired Pizza oven hire is also available if you would prefer to hire a pizza oven for a day or for the weekend and do your own cooking.

Phone: 0438 335 114

Address: 6 Silver St, South Fremantle WA 6162, Australia


perth pizza cater
perth pizza cater

Pizza Panache - Perth Pizza Catering

Pizza Panache was established in 2004, and have almost a twenty-year experience in the pizza catering business.  

Pizza Panache cook their pizzas in a mobile traditional wood oven and make their own pizza bases topped with the best quality toppings. 

They will provide mobile catering for any event, be it school fetes, public functions, christenings, weddings, or corporate parties. In addition, they will be able to cater to any size of event, so don’t worry if your party is too big or too small- they will handle it!

Their menu is also flexible, and you can tailor it to suit your and your guests’ needs. For parties that are small in size, it will cost $700 for 30 guests and then $20 per head for each additional guest. 

Phone: 0405 119 164

Address: Perth, Australia


mobile pizza catering
mobile pizza cater

Pizza Parties

perth pizza woodfire

The husband and wife team, Riccardo and Margarita are owners of Pizza Parties Catering. Together, they have over 36 years of experience in the industry and have been in mobile pizza catering since 2005.

They have more than 15 flavours of pizzas, along with wings, meatballs, and desserts to perfectly compliment their pizzas. The Pizza Parties catering van will set up camp at your place of event an hour or two before it begins and start to prepare pizzas for your guests. 

They cook for a minimum of one hour and don’t leave until all your guests are full. Any leftover pizzas are left for you or your guests to enjoy later. Their expertise allows them to cook more than 60 pizzas in an hour, so there will be no waiting line or disgruntled, hungry guests. 

To book Pizza Parties, you will need to have a minimum of 30 guests, which will cost around $690. For more details, you can visit their website.  

Phone: 0401 215 180

Address: Edward St, Perth WA 6000, Australia


mobile pizza perth
pizza catering perth


For your next event, why not try something different and go for mobile pizza catering. Not only is it fantastic to see the food being cooked before you, but the aroma of wood-fired pizzas and the chic food vans and trucks will be a bonus for the aesthetics of your event.

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