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Mobile Pizza Catering Melbourne - 2023 Guide

Are you tired of the same old BBQ or finger food at parties and special events? Are you looking for something outside of the box? Mobile pizza catering is your answer! Mobile catering has become all the rage.

With food trucks popping up everywhere, they have now started to dominate the catering industry- and for a good reason. Food trucks are convenient; they offer deliciously fresh, hot food cooked on the spot. But most important of all they offer an experience; not just the food.

Let’s take a look at some of the best mobile pizza caterers and pizza food trucks Melbourne has to offer.

Aurora Catering Events

Aurora Catering Melbourne

If you’re looking for delicious and convenient catering options for your next event, look no further than Aurora Catering Events. 

With their extensive catering services, including their standout pizza catering, Aurora Catering Events is your one-stop-shop for all your event catering needs. 

Their pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and baked to perfection, ensuring that each slice is a crowd-pleaser. Plus, with their wide variety of event catering services, including weddings, corporate events, dinner parties, and buffet catering, Aurora Catering Events has something for everyone.

Mikala and her team are dedicated to providing high-quality food and exceptional service, making them a top choice for any occasion.

Dough Slingers - Wood Fired Pizza Oven Trailers

wood fired pizza near me

Serving pizzas since 1999, this experienced pizza business has gone mobile with their wood-fired pizza ovens on trailers. Catering for large events and parties, they specialise in making Neapolitan pizzas and Antipasti.

Dough Slingers wood-fired pizza catering comes with many customisable options. For example they customise their antipasto boards according to your preferences.  You can select 4 pizzas from their menu or add extra pizzas from the menu for a small per person charge.

They also offer catering specialised to unique needs such as gluten-free, vegan, or dairy-free preferences. Gluten-free pizzas are an extra $4, and vegan cheese will add $3 to the cost per pizza. 

Dough Slingers can provide a waitress to walk around and offer slices to guests if needed. Additionally, they can provide napkins and biodegradable paper plates or you can provide your own.  Set up time normally takes 90 minutes from arrival at your location to serving pizza.

If you are unsure whether to go for Dough Sliders catered pizza, they offer menu tastings at their restaurants in Ivanhoe or Thornbury. So you can try them first before choosing them to cater at your event.

Their Pizza packages are aimed at a minimum of 50-60 guests but you can call them to discuss a bespoke package the best suits you.

Happy Camper Pizza - Pizza Catering Trucks

catered pizza

The Happy Camper Pizza was one of the first pizza trucks in Melbourne and have been operating for eight years.  It is a family-run mobile pizza catering business servicing parties, weddings, festivals, and corporate functions.

Happy Camper have some cool vintage vans and truck available from the Allegra Airstream (pictured above) as well as a Bedford and Chevy truck option.  If you have a smaller area and unable to fit their unique looking trucks, they also have small retro trailers available.

In addition to serving pizzas, they also offer canapes, antipasto, salads, and gelatos. They have a wide range of menu options to pick from. 

Their standard pizza size is 12 inches, but they can also make 9-inch small pizzas on request. They can cater to gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan ingredients upon request. Serving is done on the classic wooden paddles, and they provide paper napkins too. They also offer biodegradable sugarcane plates and wooden cutlery at an additional fee.

Happy Camper Pizza offer a per pizza pricing or you can opt for the ‘all you can eat’ starting at $30 per person for the classic range of pizzas.  For $65 per head you get the ‘Go Wild’ package of all you can eat pizza salads and gelato, Canapes and Antipasto grazing table. They also offer hot spuds (and sweet potato) as add-ons.

Melbourne Mobile Pizza - Pizza Oven Trailer

pizza caterer
Melbourne Mobile Pizza service Melbourne, Geelong, the surf coast, and surrounding areas.They have trained pizza chefs specialising in producing pizzas with a traditional and authentic taste and also provide a professional waiter. Melbourne Mobile Pizza’s 1.5 to 3 hour service caters to weddings, engagements, christenings, birthdays, corporate events, festivals, charity events, and fundraisers. Their pricing options include unlimited pizzas at $25 per person for a minimum of 50 people or alternatively a set number of pizzas can be purchased for a set price.  The unlimited option offers a selection of 8 pizzas from their gourmet and classical pizza menu. The Melbourne Mobile Pizza will arrive an hour or two before the event to set up and get their wood fired pizza ovens going.  Melbourne Mobile Pizza also offer Pizza Oven Hire (including pizza making tools and equipment) if you don’t have your own. From $500 per night you can show off your own pizza cooking skills at that next party or event.

Il Padrino - Wood Fired Pizza Catering on Trailers

Il Padrino has a mobile truck pizza service across Melbourne and Victoria.

They have original wood-fired pizza ovens mounted professionally onto trailers to bring their pizzas’ authentic and traditional flavour. 

The chefs at Il Padrino use fresh ingredients with homemade sauce. The pizza is cooked in a wood-fired pizza producing a thin crispy base traditional Italian style pizza.  The catering is not just limited to pizzas but also salads, canapes, and antipasti. They can also cater to dietary preferences such as vegan food and gluten-free or dairy-free on their menu.

The Il Padrinos also have a family recipe that has been in the family for 80 years and has its origins in Sicily. Their recipe is used in pizzerias around Italy! 

With the capability of cooking 130 pizzas an hour, Il Padrino is open to all events, be it weddings, engagements, birthday parties, staff parties, or corporate events.  Contact them via their website for specific pricing.

Primo Street Pizza - Pizza Food Trucks and Trailers

pizza truck catering
Primo Street Pizza is another pizza mobile that specialises in authentic Italian Pizzas. They have a pizza food truck called  ‘Big Bertha’ (pictured above), which has a 1.2m wood-fired oven inside and is pretty cool to look at. If you want Big Bertha to serve at your event, you must book her in advance otherwise you could expect their, not quite as cool, yet more versatile pizza trailer to show up on the day. Primo specialise in making Neapolitan-style pizza with a thin, crisp base and garnished with authentic Italian ingredients. Like many other mobile pizza catering businesses, they offer a variety of dishes other than pizza. You can find gelato, antipasti/grazing tables, and salads with your pizzas. What’s more, you can customise your packages according to your taste. For example, if you choose two offerings in addition to pizza packages, you will get 10% off on the entire package! Primo Street Pizzas take bookings for weddings, corporate events, house parties, engagements, or birthdays. They’re up for any event you may have!

Fired Up Pizza - Mobile Pizza Oven on Trailer

catered pizza
The Owner/Operator of Fired Up Pizza, Giuseppe, was born in Italy and has lived in Australia most of his life. He brings to his mobile wood fire pizza business his passion for food and zest for Italian culture. Giuseppe has been in the hospitality sector for over 25 years. Fired Up Pizza is a rustic-styled marquee in southeast Melbourne. Their authentic Neapolitan styled pizzas are made from ingredients from Italy and premium ingredients that are sourced locally. They have an authentic Napule wood-fired oven which is one of the reasons behind their unique flavoured pizzas. Fired Up Pizza offer both classic and gourmet pizzas on the pizza menu ranging in price between $16 and $27.

Pizza and Go - Wood fired pizza oven trailer

catering pizza

Pizza and Go houses a professional team of chefs passionate about creating authentic pizzas and crepes.

Pizza & Go offers authentic Italian-style gourmet pizzas on their signature wood-fired pizza trailer. They have a wide range of packages, including pizzas for a quick party or a more wholesome approach with desserts and an antipasto table. 

Being incredibly efficient at party catering, Pizza & Go provide for events such as backyard birthday parties, weddings, festivals, and corporate functions. 

The team at Pizza & Go will also put up the plates and serviettes for you, so you won’t have much to do on the event day! Instead, you can sit back and let them do it all, from setting everything up to serving some delicious wood-fired pizzas.

View the Pizza and Go catering packages and  pizza menu.

party pizza catering
pizza catering for parties

Frankies Flamin' Pizzas - Pizza Food Truck Melbourne

pizza truck

Frankies Flamin’ Pizzas have premium quality ingredients, homemade pizza sauce, and a special secret Napoli sauce that make their pizzas stand out. 

Their pizza party catering starts at just $22 per person – All You Can Eat! (minimum 50 people). Kids 6-12 years can be fed for $12 per child, while kids under 6 eat for free.  In addition to pizzas, Frankies menu includes salads, pasta, lasagna, antipasti, garlic and herb bread, and grazing plates. 

Frankies Flamin Pizzas focus on both private and public events. These include corporate functions, parties (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), work functions, school events, festivals, weddings and engagements, sporting clubs, and wineries and garden parties. 

Frankies have over 30 years experience in making pizzas, so if you’re looking for authentic wood fired pizza catering for your next event these guys are well worth a look. 

food truck pizza
pizza truck


Melbourne’s mobile pizza catering scene is alive and thriving. And the best way to make use of it? Get some mobile catering at your next event!
There are scores of catering services you can choose from. So whether it’s some good ol’ wood-fired pizza you want to serve or some gluten-free delicacies, we are sure you’ll find the perfect mobile pizza catering or pizza food truck Melbourne has to offer.

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