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Best Mobile Pizza Catering Adelaide

If you’re planning an event or celebration in Adelaide, you’re likely searching for a catering option that will wow your guests and leave a lasting impression. One option that’s sure to please is mobile pizza catering. Not only is it a crowd-pleaser, but it’s also a convenient and hassle-free option for you as the host. 

With so many mobile pizza catering options in Adelaide, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your event. In this article, we’ll explore the top mobile pizza catering options in Adelaide and what sets them apart, so you can make an informed decision and give your guests an unforgettable dining experience.

Two Fat Blokes Pizza

mobile pizza caterer

Two Fat Blokes Pizza have been serving in Adelaide and have picked up quite a few things over the years. They aim to give you a perfect pizza catering experience. They set up, cook, serve, and clean! So you do not have anything to worry about on your event day. 

These pizza caterers provide wood-fired pizza catering. Their wood fired pizza oven is designed for maximum output, which means they can serve up to 100 pizzas per hour, ensuring all your guests are satisfied and no one leaves the door hungry. 

They serve pizzas on a rustic timber platter, adding to the aesthetics of your event. Or they can serve in boxes, whichever it is that you prefer. 

Two Fat Blokes will also provide waiting staff if you need one. Your guests with special dietary requirements also have a gluten-free base for pizzas. They have classic pizzas, gourmet, vegetarian and vegan options, and dessert pizzas. 

So you can make your pick easily. To get a price quote, contact them through their website or the number provided.

Phone: 0458 593 789 

Address: Brighton, 5048 Adelaide, SA, Australia


mobile pizza catering adelaide
mobile pizza catering pizza

Adelaide Woodfired Pizza

party pizza catering Adelaide

Adelaida wood-fired pizza is owned and run by a couple passionate about woodfired pizza catering. They support the local community, using local produce for their toppings. 

Their wood fired pizza oven is custom-built into the pizza catering van and together with the burning hardwood, add to the beauty of any event. If you hire Adelaide Woodfired Pizza for your event, they will serve the guests with food (of course!), napkins, and plates, and can even bring along wait staff if  required. 

Their all-you-can-eat pizza packages begin at as low as $22 per person, with a minimum requirement of at least 60 guests. They will be happy to cater to any dietary needs your guests might have, such as gluten-free or vegetarian/vegan options. 

Adelaide Woodfire Pizza offers three packages, namely, Classic, Hero, and Chef’s Choice. Each has separate offerings and is better suited for different sizes and kinds of events. 

They will arrive at your location 2 hours before the event and do all the necessary preparations. If you wish to serve entrees and dessert pizza, they can arrange that too. 

Phone: 0408 212 090

Address: 14 Wirra Drive, New Port, South Australia, 5015


adelaide pizza catering
adelaide pizza catering

Mobile Woodfire Pizza

mobile woodfire pizza catering adelaide

Mobile Woodfire Pizza is located in southern Adelaide and can serve within a 25 km radius of the central business district. They can still provide catering outside this region but at additional fees.

Mobile Woodfire Pizza specialise in pizza catered weddings, birthdays and engagements providing seasoned wood-fired pizza. In addition, they offer pizza catering for corporate events. Their menu also includes salads and antipasto that you can choose to compliment your pizzas. 

Mobile Woodfire Pizza is unique because they provide two kinds of catering. One is the usual party pizza catering, where they offer complete catering service for your events, including cooking and serving. 

The other is DIY pizza catering, where they deliver all the equipment and ingredients such as the woodfired pizza oven, ingredients, pizza accessories such as boards, plates, etc. You then get to create and cook your own favourite flavours of pizza.

Prices of DIY pizza catering begin at $15 per head with $180 for the oven fees. To get price quotes on other packages, contact them through their website or call the number provided.

Phone: 0434 690 778


pizza caterers Adelaide
adelaide mobile pizza

Locale Woodfire Pizzas Adelaide

pizzas Adelaide

The owner of the Locale Woodfire Pizza has over 15 years of experience in pizza making and cooking. Head Chef Antonino loves Italian cuisine and has a love for cooking food in his wood-fired pizza oven. He is committed to bringing the best of Italian flavors to his customers, so you should sit back and relax while they prepare food for your guests. 

In addition to providing traditional artisan wood-fired pizzas, they also serve antipasti. Their antipasti include Italian delicacies like arancini and eggplant parmigiana. They can also tailor a menu specifically suited for your taste. 

To get a price quote for some of the best mobile pizza catering Adelaide has to offer, contact Locale Woodfire Pizza on their website or contact them on the number provided.  

Phone: 0419 909 645

Address: 52 Victoria Street, 5014 Adelaide, South Australia – Australia


wood oven pizza catering adelaide
pizza oven catering

Pizze in Giro

pizza caterer adelaide

Based in Adelaide, Pizze in Giro is a mobile pizza catering company specializing in serving Napoletana-style wood fired oven pizzas. The husband and wife who run Pizze in Giro grew up in Italian households, so they are well versed in authentic Italian culture and cuisine. 

Pizze in Giro can provide a pizza marquee catering to all kinds of events, whether a backyard birthday or a formal wedding. They used a renowned flour, Le 5 Stagioni, to maintain the quality and authenticity of their pizzas. In addition, their toppings are sourced through local means to promote the growth of the local community. 

The pizza sauce used in their pizzas is homemade, as is the olive oil extracted from olives in their garden in Lyndoch. A few other homegrown ingredients include garlic, oregano, and basil. 

Pizza in Gira are a great option for catered pizza in Adelaide.  They will provide price quotes upon contact. 

Phone: 0403 168 559

Address: Enfield, South Australia


woodfire pizza catering adelaide
pizza cater adelaide

Wood Oven Express

catered pizza adelaide

Wood Oven Express prides itself in providing affordable wood-fired pizza as well as lamb and pig on the spit.  They serve in areas of metro and regional Adelaide. They also offer a free quote for your event. So that will give you an estimate on how much it will cost to hire these guys. 

They provide on-site pizza catering, especially at festivals and events. Wood Oven Express can cater to your custom requests, with your preferences of food choices and anywhere in South Australia. They may charge a small travel fee. 

You can get price quotes for your event by booking through their website or contacting the number they have provided. Their menu consists of two types of pizzas, premium and artisan. 

The premium pizzas cost around $22, whereas the artisan pizzas cost $26.

Phone: 0404 844 385


wood fired pizza mobile catering
wood fire pizza catering adelaide

Cucina Cufone Mobile Pizza Catering

adelaide pizza catering

Cucina Cufone is a mobile catering service providing authentic wood-fired pizzas in Adelaide. They aim to create the best experience for their customers through their pizza van catering, making their pizzas using the highest quality of ingredients sourced locally. 

Their pizza dough and tomato sugo is homemade, imparting a lovely authentic and distinct taste to their pizzas. 

They offer various sized packages to accommodate the needs of events of different categories. The minimum package includes 40 pizzas totaling around $1025. The costs of their pizza catering packages are per person. 

To get quotes, contact them through their website or on their number.

Phone: 0423 759 673


pizza catering events
adelaide pizza catering

La Vera Napoli

La Vera Napoli has attempted to capture the essence of their roots- Naples- in the pizzas they make. Their cooking styles are adapted from authentic Italian methods, so trust them to provide you with the traditional Italian pizza aroma and flavor. 

They are not located at a fixed venue or locality but rather provide wood-fired pizzas in their mobile pizza trailer. They provide pizza catered weddings, parties, anniversaries, corporate events, bucks parties, hens nights and christenings, etc. 

La Vera Napoli have three service packages available: piccolo, medio, and grande. Service ware such as tongs, compostable plates, napkins, and serving platters are included in the services.

Pizza catering service lasts for 90 minutes in the first package, piccolo. La Vera Napoli will serve a minimum of 25 pizzas, with each pizza costing $23. The second package, mediolo, is a bottomless pizza service for two hours. It will have entrees as well as the main course. For this package, you will need a minimum of 30 guests, at $26 per person.

The last package, grande, is a bottomless pizza catering service for three hours and is a full three-course meal. It requires a minimum of 50 guests for $30 per person. 

Phone: 0451 669 012

Address: 166 Tynte St, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia


mobile pizza catering
adelaide catering pizza

The Final Slice on Mobile Pizza Catering Adelaide​

These are some of the best mobile pizza catering available in the vicinity of Adelaide. Mobile catering is a breath of fresh air and an excellent alternative to traditional serving practices.
Most mobile pizza catering has wood-fired ovens that add to the event’s overall aesthetics. Moreover, the delicious aroma of the food being cooked right on the spot will make the event even better and your guests even hungrier!
So for your next event, opt for some mobile pizza catering and see the difference for yourself.

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