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Pizza Capers Franchise & Company Information

Pizza capers create delicious pizzas with exotic flavours, prides itself on quality, and have fun with its brand. It serves the local area and strives to be unique in every way. Award-winning Pizza Capers offers the market delicious gourmet pizza at a low price.

Regardless of distance, every component on the Pizza Capers menu is personally obtained to guarantee the greatest possible quality.

The company is seeking master franchise applicants that share its commitment to providing premium gourmet pizzas in foreign markets.

Pizza Capers company

History of Pizza Capers

It was 1996, and the ready meals market was flooded with unhealthy, low-cost options. So pizza Capers’ first restaurant was opened in the laid-back, leafy suburb of Kenmore, in western Brisbane, to meet a genuine demand for alteration.

Anthony and Scott, the creators of Pizza Capers, set out to fulfil a need in the Brisbane community by providing gourmet pizza made with only the finest, freshest ingredients.

That piece of work was a smashing success. They stood out, and business picked up at the shop as word of mouth promoted them. They became highly occupied with many tasks.

After the first year on the market, a second location opened in the Brisbane suburb of Toowong. They found the same success in the Toowong shop as they did with their first kitchen in Kenmore. Anthony and Scott worked diligently on expanding the menu, ideas, and processes for the following few years.

The first Pizza Capers restaurant opened in 1999, and by 2005, the chain had expanded to include a dozen different kitchens. 2005 was a watershed year for the Pizza Capers franchise and a time of great celebration for all involved. As more and more people began craving Capers pizza, they opened their doors to their first franchisees so that they could expand their business and meet the rising demand.

Having established such a firm basis, Pizza Capers rapidly expanded throughout Queensland and into neighbouring states. Pizza Capers joined the Retail Food Group franchise family in 2012 after quickly growing their franchise locations and laying out ambitious plans for future expansion.

How many Pizza Capers are there in Australia?

Pizza Capers is owned by Retail Food Group (RFG). It now has over 110 locationsthroughout Australia, located in Queensland, ACT, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria. They have also expanded internationally into Singapore.

pizza capers franchise

How much does it cost to set up a new franchise?

The price tag for necessary equipment and initial setup will change depending on the location. However, the expense is low, and the effort is minimal because of our traditional style and efficient management. Typically, the total cost of starting a franchise, including the franchise fee, is between $300,000 and $400,000 (not including GST).

How to apply to become a Pizza Capers franchise?

Go to their website and send an inquiry. You will get complete details from their correspondent.

Ongoing Costs

If you franchise with them, you will incur a 6.5% marketing fee and a 6% service fee as ongoing costs.

How much does it cost to purchase a Pizza Capers store?

One of the Pizza Capers Stores in Brisbane is on the market at $180,000 + SAV here. Similarly, there might be other stores in various Australian locations for more or less cost based on the value.

Benefits of becoming a Pizza Capers franchise

In a franchise, you work for yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone. Opening a pizzeria provides customers with authentic Italian cuisine and a window into the country’s rich culture.

  • Take the lead in your industry by introducing a well-known Australian brand to consumers.
  • They have simplified everything for you so you can put your attention where it counts, i.e., on the most important projects.
  • For those interested in becoming franchise partners, they provide an excellent training program to get you ready to run your own restaurant.
  • It’s all been set up and prepared for you by them. Boost your company’s future success by ensuring higher levels of efficiency and output.
  • It’s not just the high quality of the ingredients they use but also the ingenuity with which they put them together that makes their dishes such exciting culinary adventures.
  • They are there for you at every possible step as you prepare to open your first store.

How to get approved as a franchise for Pizza Capers?

This franchise model best suits individuals interested in owning and running their businesses. One partner must be responsible for at least half of the operating company’s equity and devote full-time to the business.

Managers in the retail sector, or those with experience in the retail industry more generally, possess a set of skills that are in high demand. Although such background knowledge would be useful, it is not necessary. Most of today’s restaurant owners initially had no interest in entering the food service industry.

After completing our comprehensive training program and obtaining continued help from our management team, you can successfully manage and run a business.


Is it possible to have multiple Pizza Capers?

Yes. They have a lot of Franchisees who run multiple locations. This is the single best predictor of Franchisee happiness.

When can I expect to see Pizza Capers in my neighbourhood?

From the moment you sign a Franchise Agreement and Lease until the time you can open your doors is usually 8-12 weeks. Finding the right location and coordinating all the necessary details with the city council and other authorities takes time, but it’s well worth it in the end.

If I franchise with Pizza Capers, what kind of operational backing can I expect?

At all times, Pizza Capers is there to offer assistance and training. New franchisees spend four weeks learning the ropes in Queensland, Australia, at the corporate headquarters. Moreover, they offer help with advertising and promotion, brainstorming, and creating brand-new products. If you have any questions or concerns, their staff is available via email, regular phone, and emergency phone numbers (even outside of regular business hours).

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