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La Porchetta Franchise & Company Information

The dinner table is the heart of Italian culture and tradition and attracts some of life’s most pleasurable moments. Italians expertly combine the delights of excellent food and conversation to create a spectacular dining experience.

Similarly to how the kitchen is the throbbing heart of every Italian family, their restaurants strive to put diners at ease by serving traditional Italian cooking with a personal touch, all while offering good value for money.

The La Porchetta chain of Italian eateries is known for its affordable à la carte menu items and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant’s reputation for excellent food and friendly service has led to its widespread success.

la porchetta franchise company

History of La Porchetta

In 1985, Italian immigrants Rocky Pantaleo and Felice Nania opened the first La Porchetta Restaurant in a dilapidated pizza parlour in Melbourne’s Italian district.

Thanks to its great pizza, pasta, and Italian-style menu, as well as its warm ambience and cheap rates, La Porchetta quickly gained a reputation as a one-of-a-kind venue to enjoy exquisite food, the companionship of loved ones and a lively celebration of life.

La Porchetta is still a thriving, vital part of the communities where it operates restaurants in Australia and New Zealand. La Porchetta wants every meal to feel like a special event with family and friends. People return not only for the cuisine but also for the atmosphere.

Traditions allow them to remember and honour their forefathers. In addition, their family’s experience in the restaurant business influences the authentic cuisine they produce, their courteous service, and their regard for their personnel.

How many La Porchetta Pizza restaurants are there in Australia?

For many reasons, investing in a La Porchetta franchise would be smart. You’ll join a franchise system that has been around for more than 30 years and has approximately 48 stores.

Along with Australia, they also provide franchisees in New Zealand.

How much does it cost to set up a new franchise?

New La Porchetta franchises can be purchased for as little as $600,000, covering everything. It includes the restaurant’s interior design, equipment, training expenses, and other costs.

How to apply to become a La Porchetta franchise?

If you are interested in opening a La Porchetta franchise, fill out the registration form, and they will walk you through the entire application and approval process. This includes filling out applications and attending interviews. All this is done to give you a sense of what La Porchetta is like so you can decide for yourself.

Ongoing costs

Building a franchise requires at least $460,000 to $500,000 minimum as an investment. The average cost for a new franchisee to obtain the rights to operate a franchise is $600,000. This franchise now has 75 sites worldwide.

How much does it cost to purchase a La Porchetta restaurant?

Established La Porchetta store can start from $249,000. For instance, check this sale ad for an idea. 

Benefits of becoming a La Porchetta franchise

The La Porchetta franchise model has been successful for over 30 years. La Porchetta is aware of the careful deliberation that must precede every financial investment in a company. When you buy a franchise from La Porchetta, they’ll help you get these perks.

  • They will provide you with the training necessary to manage a La Porchetta restaurant successfully.
  • The priceless trademark and the business name La Porchetta.
  • A flat rate is in place, so your take-home pay will increase proportionally with your income.
  • With this tried-and-true method and backing from corporate, you’re bound for great things.

How to get approved as a franchise for La Porchetta?

Contact them for a franchise if you have a passion for the hospitality industry, excellent customer service skills, a desire to be your own boss, and the financial means to invest in a wonderful concept with a track record of success.

Bring your enthusiasm, stamina, entrepreneurial spirit, and excellent people skills to this role. All the skills necessary to manage a La Porchetta pizzeria will be demonstrated to you.

You can get started immediately by partnering with this well-known national brand with a sizable customer base and a franchise network with more than three decades of experience.

Creating a difference

Since its inception, La Porchetta has made it a priority to give back to the neighbourhood. Franchisees are active members of their communities, and the company has a history of giving back to causes that benefit underprivileged kids and their families.

La Porchetta donates to the “Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation,” which assists disadvantaged children and their families in Australia and worldwide.

A few years ago, when Rocky bought tickets to a charity event, La Porchetta CEO Sara Pantaleo happened to meet the amazing Melbourne-based humanitarian Moira Kelly. They were deeply affected by the stories of the children Moira had helped at that fundraiser, along with Rocky. Rocky and Felice ensured they had food from La Porchetta waiting for them at Carlton whenever they wanted.

That moment marked the beginning of a lovely development. Kids enjoyed parties hosted by La Porchetta at Moira’s farm, where Rocky also gave rides on his Harley. At each year’s La Porchetta conference, they held a fundraiser for Moira’s organisation.


Is there any training program, and if so, what kind will I get?

Yes. When your franchise agreement is accepted, you will receive extensive training. This comprehensive 6-week course covers all facets of La Porchetta franchise ownership. In-depth, hands-on instruction in running a restaurant is provided, from stocking the shelves to dealing with unhappy customers to balancing the books to promoting your business.

Can I operate multiple restaurants?

Yes! Numerous restaurant entrepreneurs own La Porchetta. You will, however, be forced to go through a thorough Multiple-Store Criteria procedure before permission is granted. The requirements are store audits, general franchise agreement compliance, and company performance.

Do I require prior work history in the hotel and dining sector?

No. Although most of their franchisees are not industry professionals, their staff are. They must be driven, enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about their brand and the prospect of operating an exciting and lucrative business. The La Porchetta marketing strategy has been repeatedly validated, so prospective franchisees can be confident they will have access to all the required resources for success.

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